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We now have four totally amateur sites for you to show off on!  You can show your Cock, Foreskin, Jizz and Jock off. Just put our logo in your pic and send them in!

Hey Guys:

Just an update. We are getting a lot of submissions to the site, but we MUST ask that you also include an AGE STATEMENT and a VERIFICATION PHOTO (see some examples here) with your submissions or we can’t post them. This only needs to be done the first time you submit to Show Me Your Cock. Continue reading for all the details!

There will be an easy copy and paste submit form at the bottom of this page to help you remember everything you need when showing off your cock on SHOW ME YOUR COCK!

Wanker Lad 


Do you like to show off? Are you an exhibitionists? “Show Me Your Cock!” is just for you. Get naked and get ready to show us what you got! So get your cam ready, get your cock out and send us some pics or videos to share exclusively on this blog for everyone to see what you are packing!

With or without foreskin, long cock or short, big knob or small, thick shaft or thin, light or dark, pierced or maybe tattooed, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR COCK!


Just a few things before we can show your cock:

  • This is an adult-oriented website that contains nudity and sexually explicit language. Leave this site if you are under 18 years of age or if you live in a state or country that prohibits access to sexually explicit materials.
  • Let us know that you are of legal age (18 or up) for people to see your cock.  This is REQUIRED before we can post your nude pictures.
  • In at least one picture or video, get a sheet of paper (or get creative where you put it.) and write or print out our “SHOW ME YOUR COCK” logo and your “name” (make up a “stage” name, if you want) and add it in a picture or your video, so we know it is you and that your submission can only be found on “Show Me Your Cock!”.  For example, you could write “Show Me Your Cock!” on your cock, or take a picture of your cock with our site in view!  (See some examples here)  A printable version is included below this section.
  • Same applies to our CockForeskinJizz and Jock sites.
  • At least one verification picture that includes your cock (foreskin, jizz, jock) and the Show Me Your Cock Logo in view is REQUIRED before any postings can be made.  After that you can send in as many submissions as you want. We only need the verification photo once, you can do more than one if you want, but we only must have it before we can publish you the first time.  It is good for any further submissions of your cock to Show Me Your Cock!  Make it more fun and include the logo in all the pictures.
  • We can not accept submitted links to pictures or videos found on other sites.  Photos and videos to Show Me Your Cock (foreskin, jizz, jock) should be original to this site.  If found, duplicated site photos that were not originating from Show Me Your Cock! will be removed as not to infringe on any copyright laws that may exist on that content.
  • PLEASE DO NOT TAG YOUR PHOTOS! For validation purposes, all photos should contain the SHOW ME YOUR COCK LOGO on a physical object contained within the photo, not edited onto the photo.  Pre-tagged photos with logos photo shopped or added by other means outside of the physical world where the photo was taken cannot be accepted on this site.
  • Give us a short blurb about yourself to add to your post if you want.  This is optional.  But it gives your fans a chance to get to know something about you.
  • If you want people to contact you, you can add your “name”, e.mail, skype, twitter, cam4 shows, etc…  This is also optional.  A list of some popular options are listed with the submission form.
  • Send in your pictures and videos to our e.mail and we will post it for you! We will send you a direct link to your post(s). Then tell all your friends to visit “Show Me Your Cock!” to see your cock!
  • Any Contests offered on Show Me Your Cock may contain some individual rules to qualify entries.  If questionable, the rules and guidelines of Show Me Your Cock will supersede any materials submitted.

You can save and print this out OR make your own, get creative with it, you can even put the logo on your body!

TO SUMMARIZE: There are only two main rules to show your penis off on Show Me Your Cock!; your first submission MUST INCLUDE your STATEMENT OF AGE and a VERIFICATION PHOTO of your cock AND the words “SHOW ME YOUR COCK” included in the the photo.  (Face is optional.)

Some examples of the required verification photos:



  • You don’t have to show your face, but full nude shots and pics with face are hotter, but cock shots are hot too!
  • Take multiple angles. You wouldn’t want to get boring with just one view.
  • Really show your cock off. The head, balls, foreskin, piss hole, measure your cock, etc… Show it with the foreskin over the knob and pulled back.  Be creative.  Photos with your buddies, nudist and outdoor photos are hot too!
  • Tell us how big you are, both flaccid and erect.  You can even take pics measuring it.  And do you have foreskin or are you circumcised.
  • Get out your toys! Do you have a fleshjackcock ringspenis pump, jockstraps, wrestling singlets, or other gear, for example.  Show them off!  If you always wanted some, you can get them here.
  • Can you self suck, or any other cock tricks?
  • Use plenty of light. Its no good if you can’t see what you are showing.
  • For videos, you definitely want to use plenty of light. Always try to have the light behind your web cam, digital, HD cam, phone or whatever you are using to record your videos. Light in front of the cam tends to wash out the videos.
  • Record your videos and pictures in a higher def setting. Small pics and videos will pixelate when edited for the site, and you wouldn’t want people to think your cock was boxy…
  • Cum shots can be hot. If you want to show that, try to get it in view then show off your load. Be verbal if you want!  Even take some photos of your load!
  • PLEASE DO NOT TAG YOUR PHOTOS, we will be adding a site tag to each photo and video being posted.  Pre-tagged photos (altered or tagged by digital means), other than a date/time stamp, will not be accepted, and we would like to see original content of you to be found only at our site!


Would you like your fans to get you something?  You can add your wish list links to your submissions. THIS IS AN OPTIONAL STEP, and can always be added later.  It just gives your fans to buy you a gift or two from your list in appreciation of seeing your cock.  Here are a few sites that offer the wish list options.  To set up your wish lists, you will need to visit the following sites and set up a free account with them (your real name and shipping address stays hidden from the customer) and you may get some items you want from your fans!  All we need with your submission is the linking code to the wish list, NOT YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD, that stays with you.



If your submission is too large (video file for example) to e.mail to us, just let us know, we will give you another way to send it to us via Skype or another messenger.

And that’s all there is to it.  We are all ready and waiting to see your cock on ”Show Me Your Cock!”


YOU CAN SEND IN AS MANY PHOTOS AND VIDEOS AS YOU LIKE, AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT.  If you make multiple submissions, let us know, we can tag all of your individual submissions together so your fans can find you faster!

If photos are for any contests on Show Me Your Cock, there me be some contest limitations, but all content can still be submitted as regular content to Show Me Your Cock.

To make it easy for you, we made this part that you can include in your submission so we don’t forget anything and can get you posted right away!  COPY AND PASTE THE SECTION BELOW TO YOUR EMAIL, THEN FILL IT OUT AND SEND IT TO US:

———-START FORM———-

Show Me Your Cock,

I love to show off my cock and would like to have it seen on SHOW ME YOUR COCK!


I am __________ years of age.  And I would like my photos/videos posted on Show Me Your Cock!

I have included at least one verification photo that includes my cock.  (Any photo with one of our logos included in the photo counts as a verification photo, make it really part of the site and include it in all of the photos.)

Included are:

  • __________ verification photo(s)
  • __________ photos(s)
  • __________ video(s)

PLEASE NOTE:  No digitally altered photos/videos will be accepted to Show Me Your Cock!  All required logos for verification or contests must be included within the physical world of the media.


Me and my cock are from _____________________ (country)

I am ___ gay/___ straight.
My cock is ___ natural (foreskin)/___ circumcised.

My cock is _____________________ flaccid and _____________________ erect. (centimeters, inches, or some of you may need to measure in feet….)

I like to wank (jack off, beat the meat, etc…) __________  times a ___ day/___ week.

Please also include in my submission:

  • My name _____________________ (it can be a “stage” name)
  • My Skype: _____________________
  • My Twitter: _____________________
  • My Cam4 shows: _____________________
  • My e.mail: _____________________
  • My Facebook: _____________________
  • Other: _____________________
  • I have my own site/blog that I would like it to link to: _____________________

I would like to also add the following Wish Lists (if adding any lists, we need the url link to your lists):

  • 2(X)ist: _____________________
  • Adam Male: _____________________
  • Amazon: _____________________
  • Boyz Shop: _____________________
  • Eden Fantasys: _____________________
  • HBO Shop: _____________________
  • Paypal Donations: _____________________
  • Pride Shack: _____________________
  • Stockroom: _____________________
  • Other: _____________________

I am also including a short blurb that you can add to my post…


Please post me right away!

_____________________ (you)

———-END FORM———-

Please check your spelling (e.mails, etc.) how you type it is how we print it.

Now, just click here to e.mail us at SHOW US YOUR COCK!

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